Monday, February 13, 2012

My Sales Pitch

I just have to make a sales pitch to anyone who's dying to know. For Christmas Whittney got me an eyelash enhancer. I LOVE IT AND I'M SOLD! I seriously have Snuff A Luffagus eye lashes. I would curl my eyelashes before I went anywhere so I could actually see instead of just blur. ALSO, after 10 mins. of trying to curl my eyelashes (and any of those people seen me curl my lashes would be scared out of their mind), I'd apply mascara and then BOOM, flat. Soooo, I've been applying this enhancer it everyday since Christmas and I got some mega Lashes now! It just grows them out real long and they actually grew UP, that in itself is a Christmas miracle. So now when I curl them, it doesn't take like 2 hours to get them to curl. I feel like Erin Kardashian! So if any of you need amazing eye lashes, then get LiLash, no side effects, that I know of, and you don't need prescription. The stuff is about 100.00 bucks, but worth it. Its suppose to last a year, sooo yippeee for eye lashes.