Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zen's First Time

Last thursday was so much fun! I'm so proud of my little guy. In the great outdoors my son sure brought out the two year old in him. Our first day of snowboarding was to teach him to pay attention where he was going so he wouldn't hurt himself or someone else. Daryl would say, look at mom at the bottom of the hill. It would turn out zen would look at dad and say bye and not watch where he was going and sometimes he would watch other people, or be too busy swishing the snow off his board. It was pretty funny. For his attention span to be very short, I was very impressed with his balancing skills. He probably face planted it once the whole day. Even tho that would happen he was proud of himself trying and he would say, "AGAIN!" I think he'll be a pro in no time! I'm going to remember this day for the rest of my life! I love that he loves the outdoors like his parents. It just means that we can have alot more awesome family time together! As for Taylor, she had alone time with Grandma, which I heard they had a fun time too. Thanks mom for your help. This last picture was taking on our way home. It was pretty funny. We made an interview video for him and he was tired and way out of it. He would answer us but Daryl and I had no idea what he was saying, just a bunch of jibberish. His hyper jibberish made it sound like he had a fun day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowboarding Zen

Its official. This thursday we're taking Zennyth snowboarding for the first time. Daryls boss has a mini board that he uses for his kids and lent us the board. Thanks Steve. I can't wait for thrusday. It makes me excited to see how excited he is. You can just see his big smile!As Daryl pulled him around the kitchen corner he would wave and say, "bye mom, bye mom."
Weightwatchers today, HORRIBLE! Well, tomorrow I'm going to work evern harder on this.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another week, here we come

This weekend was pretty hard to get to a computer to post weight watchers information! I thought I did really good concidering it was my first week! I know I can do better. I weighed my self yesterday and I lost 3 pounds. So I just need to keep doing what I'm doing! I know I can do it (how is that for self motivation). Well, tonight is my boot camp class. I'm so excited, I'm going to try to get Daryl to come (if he has the time) My mom is going and kids get to go to the daycare the gym holds for it. YEAY! Another week, here we come:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yard Work

Just a little catchup with weight watchers. NOTE: *Need to learn not to over due a work out.* Wednesday I was incredibly sore so I took a work out day off. I could barley walk. So no work out which means no extra points. So all I had was the original 22 points. I'm proud to say I did it! In the mean time it was still pretty sunny that day. Daryl worked til noon so we decided the family should get some sun rays and work on the yard and get ready for the spring time.
I couln't help but post all these pictures. It was hard to pick my favorite one. I was playing with the different settings on mycamera. So maybe these pictures are ment for grandma's that love their grandchildren. Anyways, enjoy!
This face of Taylors below cracks me up. I think what happened is Zen moved over by her and it freaked her out that she might fall over...ha ha

Of course you have to get pretty pictures of the flowers that are ready to bloom

Last but not least, while Daryl finished up the yard work I worked on evening out my tan. I HATE GOGGLE LINES...Oh and don't you love my hair and how I got ready. well since I was sore and on a break for the day, why even lift a finger.
As for yesterday, I want to forget, except during the day. Daryl and I got to go snowboarding for the day. Thanks Grammy for watching the two little ones. We had tons of fun. WHICH MEANS I added 5 points to weight watchers, only 5 because I only rode for 2 hours (not very long). Anyways, who new that fig newtons were going to be so much points! I ate like 7 of them and for 2 of them they are 2 points...YIKES I had 7 points in fig newtons. So by the time dinner was here I had already had my points. Well thank goodness for flexies, but I think I used up most of them...I went over 24 points. I'm planning on not having one of these days for the rest of the week. NOPE NOPE!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was way fun! Daryl got off work early and let me go snowboarding for acouple of hours before he had to go to the other job. Anyways, it was a beatiful blue bird. So much fun. When I got home I got my kids ready and Hailey came and picked us up and had a good day at grandma's house. Zennyth and Taylor had so much fun playing in the back yard with all that Sandy, Ut. Sand. Hailey and I played a little bit of soccer. We practiced our juggling skills. As for working out, you ready for this....when the day got cooler we had a long, long, long, jog. It was about a 5 mile jog. I had to stop a couple of times to re-couperate my aching body from boot camp yesterday. Other than that Hailey and I did that jog! YES, I got to add on 7 points again! I LOVE FOOD! So I did awesome today. It was crazy, from all that hard workout from yesterday and eating well, I didn't crave the food as bad as usual. I'm glad this is going to get easier, I HOPE. Pizza was for dinner and that was a hard thing not to go overboard...(My weakness...CHEESE). My points were on and had a fun filled day! (oh by the way, Zennyth got a good nights sleep, so I'm crossing my fingers for another one of those:D )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day one

Okay, now that I'm totally motivated and now I'm in it for the gun hoe. Day one wasn't that bad. I would say that dinner was time was pretty hard considering I love to eat til I cannot breathe no more. But I did good. Today I took my cute kids to the park on this nice sunny Utah day. Hoping that it would ware them out. I also brought Zen's little tricycle so we could walk around. He does pretty good. He just needs to grow a little bit more so he can reach his peddles, but I like him the way he is. I don't want him to grow much more. Taylor just enjoyed the sunraise in her stroller and we walked away. When we got home I got ready for the gym and took two classes. I did the ab class which is just a half hour and I did the boot camp after. I LOVE THE BOOT CAMP! The teacher is so cute and works us hard. I also love it cause I got my mom going to the class with me so its fun to work out with her. So since I got a good hour and a half work out today I got to add on 7 points to my weight watchers....and I came out even with my points by the end of the day! So since its normal to loose a pound a week. I'm giving myself 15 weeks since that all I need to loose. So day one has gone by, I felt like I did awesome and thank goodness the eating part gets easier and easier. I just need to train my brain and my body that I don't have to be eating 24/7. I had a good day with the kids. I just hope Zen will sleep tonight. He hasn't been very good at sleeping lately and I'm loosing sleep. Well Day 2 tomorrow...tomorrow... so off to bed I go.

Today is the day

Well today is the day. The day that I start Weight Watchers for REAL!!! Anytime monday would come around I would tell myself that I'm starting, but by the time lunch time would come around I have already used all of my points and of course dinner time I use ALOT of flexy's. Then I just give up. I know what everyone is thinking, you do not need to loose weight, but I do! I have these pants sitting in my drawer that do not fit at all, and I have these cute swim trunks that I love that just do not fit. I do not have the money to buy new ones and I want to fit in them again. Well I have a dream and my dream is to loose the rest of that baby weight so I can weigh the same as I did before I had children. Another reason why I want to do this is because by the time I want have more kids my body will be in good shape and loosing that baby weight would be easy! I do not have the far to go but who knew loosing 15 pounds was so hard. So today is the DAY! I'm blogging this to make me really do this and accomplish my goal! Thanks to my sister Whittney who say's she's starting today too. So hopefully we can help each other out! I'm going to do my best in posting my points I've used for the end of the day so I can keep better track and not let my self go! SO here I go, Today is the day! I love Weight Watchers because you can eat whatever you want but of course the healthier you eat the more points you have and is alot more feeling than a 4 point chocolate brownie...oh I love them brownies. So wish me luck....summer swimming suite here I come!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update Febuary

I'm so horrible with this blogging. I'm just glad I have a blog because it can substitute a scrapbook. This entry is going to be about Febuary. Febuary was busy for the Young family. Daryl got called to be Assistant Ward Clerk. He has to keep track of the ward directory. Its a big job because we live by alot of apartments so we have people moving in and out all the time. My calling is on the Achievement Day Activities. Just helping the girls ages 8-12 getting prepared for Young Womans. The girls are all cute! Zennyth LOVES nursery, probably because there are other kids he can interact with other than his sister. Taylor had a busy month as well. She had turned one and one week later she had learned how to walk. I love to see them develope and grow but at the same time I do not ever want them to change because they will never be this little ever again! I've posted alot of pictures of Taylors birthday...it was a fun day!
Kids excited to go to the park.
Of Course you have to get pictures of the Cake eating! Taylor eats so much she didn't even hesitate to dive it. Of course its a pink cake for a cute little girl. This cake eating day was on her birthday with the Young family, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This was a fun special day!
This cake eating was at the Bells Family! So fun to see everyone, I wish we could have family parties all the time.