Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Canyons Resort

On Saturday LIndsy and I went to The Canyons Resort to go Snowboarding. It was so much fun! The Young grandparents watch the two little one's while I was able to take Lindsy up the canyon before she left on her mission. The weather was definitly on our side. I was glad it was such a good day, not only for Lindsy for her last time snowboarding til she's gone for a year and half but because it was my first time up for the season after having a baby. I was worried that I'd forget how to snowboard but I love it how its just like riding a bike. This summer I was able to go up to The Canyons Resort to paint pictures on the Box features they place in the park for this resent winter. On this picture below I took this because I love the colors you see in the fall.
Same picture in the winter time:)

Daryl is on the bench on a hard days work. Lindsy is sitting on the log and our good friend Don workin hard as well.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taylor at 6 weeks

Today was the first day Taylor started gooing...SOOO CUTE!

At 6 weeks old I can't believe how much they grow. To me its so much fun to see how Zennyth and Taylor look so much alike. Especially in this picture. Who would've known that having kids could be so much fun! I love being a mom.

This is a picture of Zen around the same age as Taylor. Well, I think they look alike:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taylor Belle Young

Taylor Belle Was born Feb. 4, 2009. She weighed
7 pounds 9 ounces.

Taylors first day at church. Proud Dad:)

Zennyth loves being an older brother.