Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daryl's Video part

Well, Daryl's snowboarding is starting to pay off. He has a few sponsors that can lead him to bigger and more important sponsors. This winter he was working with this video-ographer (Spelling?) who does his own podcast. The podcast is located on Itunes. He'll put a little video together every 2 weeks. I'm so proud of Daryl. This video link I'm going to post is a video put on the podcast. Daryl has a huge snowboarding part in the middle of the video. So, if anyone was interested in some of what he does here is the link. So you don't get confused to which one is Daryl, his part starts off with him wearing a blue jacket, then to a rail with a grey sweater, to a wall ride, and some more. I thought it would've been kinda confusing to where he was if you didn't recognize what he was wearing. If you watch it you have to watch the last part too, its hilarious, its Daryl and his friends and MAN, Daryl goes first, then his friend goes and gets his nose stuck on a log which causes him to do a front flip over the log to the ground. Daryl and everyone laughed so hard they were sore the next day, it cracks me up everytime. So enjoy:) http://vimeo.com/10252356