Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Las Vegas '09

Last Week was are first family vacation together. We were able to play in St. George and Las Vegas. I was pretty bummed about Las Vegas. It wasn't like what it use to be when I was a little girl. Everything has gotten so scummy. I guess on a positive note, we did get to spend time together and with our time share we got a free vacation and $150.00 towards gambling, which in the end, ended up with almost $500.00.On the way there we stopped off at Fort Cove. Pretty cool to learn about the pioneer heritage.
When we stopped in St. George we apperently hit a butterfly perfectly smack dab in the middle of our truck.
While we hung out in St. George, our friends mom helped Zennyth jump on the tramp.
Zennyth on the Las Vegas BLVD.
Taylor, being held by Daryl in her blanket.
Where is Taylor??
I think the Belagio is my favorite on Casino.
Too much fun that it had worn both my kids right out Eating ice cream before our trip home. The picture of Taylor cracks me up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Ducks

I'm not doing very good at posting these blogs once a day. Especially if you have pictures from your camera and wanting to put them on your computer. I just had to post this video up. We have these ducks come over every summer and its fun to feed them bread. It was just neat cause the first time we saw them back this summer they arrived on easter. So much fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This last weekend was a crazy for Daryl at The Canyons Resort. The park at The Canyons was closed for the Nitro snowboarder team, only for a photo shoot to be on a cover of a magazine. It was fun watching the Kat drivers push the snow to make 75 ft. jumps and 20 ft drops. They had a log sticking out of the 20ft. drop. Everyone was thinkin this thing is nuts! At the time it was insane to think that people could do this. Once they had everything together it was time to test. Of course Daryl volunteers to be the tester. I was nervous for Daryl cause he had knee surgery this last summer and it takes a year for it to be 100% healed. Well come to find out not just him but his friends from the Canyons wanted to all participate in this event. Having your friends with you trying new events and learning new tricks pumps you up and makes it a whole lot more fun! It was AMAZING! They actually made it look so easy. Daryl was so comfident that it made me alot less nervous.
I thought it would be nerve racking to meet some of these pro snowboarders, but they are so nice. They made everyone feel comfortable and it just seemed like everyone was there for a good time just like us local folk. It was such a neat thing to see them do their tricks off of the 75 foot jump. It seriously is so different from seeing it in person than watching it on t.v. Daryl says "when you watch the event in person it pumps you up and makes you want to learn more tricks." Well, the professional snowboarders are going to be at The Canyons for a whole week. I look forward to watching more of their tricks and meeting new friends.