Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surgery Day
The rest of the pictures were the day after. Very Smiley:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taylors Surgery

I know I'm posting this a little late, but I wanted to write this down before I forget. On July 27th, Taylor Belle finally had her surgery. As a mother you never want to see your daughter be in pain or have needles in her body. This just had to be done so things in her tummy couldn't get worse. One kidney had formed into two kidneys and because of the two kidneys it caused two tubes which of course run from the kidney to her bladder. At the end of one tube she had a membrain that covered the end of the tube. That membrain needed to get cut out because it was backing up fluids back up into her kidney. The other tube had problems with the muscle that lets the fluids out. That muscle wasn't working properly and was letting fluids back up the tube. I fought back the tears when Daryl handed her to the doctor, who goes into his office puts her to sleep (I know the name of the doctor I just have no idea how you would spell it). An hour and a half later the doctor, who worked on the procedure said that everything went well and hopefully this will fix the problem. I'm so greatful that the surgery went well. It was hard for me to not see my daughter herself. The next day Daryl and I were able to bring her home. Its so good to see her herself again. Its crazy to think that ever since she was born she has been on an antibiotics, to keep her from getting a kidney infection. I need to keep her on that til her next check up. Hopefully everything is okay. Taylor is such a happy baby that you wouldn't even know that anything is wrong with her. I feel so blessed to have not just one but two good kids. I pray and thank heavenly father everyday for the blessings he has giving me and my family.