Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Horrible mother

Okay so I feel like a horrible mother. I just read my last post and now I feel even worse. So why is it kids are so cute and all, but when they throw tantrums that is another story. Daryl and I have been working on putting our son in time out if he teases his sister or disrespects his parents. Well, I had to put him on time out this morning for hitting me. I think he did it because he was looking for attention and I was not giving it to him. He kept asking for a bottle because Taylor has one, but I am trying to teach him that you can only have a bottle when you go to sleep. I was ignoring him and -BAM- right across the kisser. Well, I put him on the tolet (teachings from my own mother...ha ha). I had him sit there for a while and I went to go to talk to him to teach him that hitting is not right. The first thing that came out of his mouth was "That is my dad." Okay....... that was off the subject. I continued to try and communicate to my little 2 year old and I do not think he got it, cause he said it again and again, "no my dad." He's crying and saying this. I FEEL HORRIBLE! Well, I gave in and gave him a bottle and he wanted to take a nap. So at this moment, he either tricked me to drink his bottle and then he will be ready to play, which he is so smart and does it all the time, or he is currently taking a nap. I guess I have to try, try again. I hope he gets it and I hope I get it one of these days.

On a lighter note, I have my Company blogger website. It is definitely in the process of fixing up, but if you want to take a gander, be my guest.... http://satch-llc.blogspot.com/