Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Boy

I'm posting this a few days late, but Sept. 26th was Daryl's 25th birthday. We thought it would've been fun to take Daryl early in the morning on a drive up the mountians and see if any of the leaves had started to change colors. In the valley you can't tell if the colors have started to change. We started our journy driving up into the mountains. You could see patches of yellow and pink taking over the moutains. I love fall and Daryl does too because its a sign that winter is near. Daryl wanted to go skateboarding for his birthday. I thought it was silly because he goes almost everyday, but the birthday boy gets what the birthday boy wants. A couple of his friends showed up at the skate park and skated the day away. Lastly, our friend Jordan had a birthday a few day's before Daryl. Jordan was celebrating his birthday at his house and invited us to go. Daryl didn't know that we were going to put Daryl's name on the cake too. Jordan and his friends did that to suprise Daryl.Happy Birthday Daryl