Sunday, December 18, 2011


YEAY! I'm so thankful for the holiday because it means no school and I can hang out with my kids more! YEAY!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Stinks

Why is that after a nice summer vacation, school has to start again and its terribly hard to get into it? I think I have missed a couple of assignments already, man its hard to get into the groove of it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

High School

HA HA HA HA, okay, I was going through my e-mail cleaning it out. I found this hilarious forward that Ashley (Pearce) had forwarded to everyone and made me crack up all over again. So now I share it with anyone who wants to go through my high school days with my high school friends.

-Brittany said "It's not always about you!"
-You and Kristin spelled "LORD" in choir class
-You and Kristin sluffed choir and got caught or should I say Kristin got caught
-You hated Erin because she stole all of the guys at EFY
-You ran into the bed at EFY and you and Erin stayed up and laughed for like 15 minutes straight and everyone thought there was a party going on
-You, Erin, and Ashley Seal put underwear over their pants and danced on the table in Park City
-You dumped Richard and everyone was ecstatic
-Remember that dumb Ashley Bickmore and her stupid attitude
-We took a picture of you and Kristin giving each other high-five just so you could get a picture of the hot guy in the background.
-You drove off past those hot snowboarder guys because you had a boyfriend and you wouldn't let us look at them
-When we danced crazy in front of everyone at Peter Breinholt
-All the many times that we went to the pie and pigged out on pizza because every single one of us is a huge big fat whale.
-We drank so much red bull that you put your butt out the window(or so Lindley says)
-You and Kristin acted like you had a twitching problem at Village Inn
-Brittany and you kept Kristin and Erin awake for almost the whole night crickety crick crackin in the bed
-The next night you and Erin were singing the button factory song.
-We almost died (we do that a lot don't we?)
-Stab!! Die!!
-My eye!!
-When Kristin tripped and face-planted in the ocean in front of all those boys and saved Jessica from the embarrassment of doing the same thing
-That's f-ing hilarious
-We bought rings from the weed store
-mmmm! ice-cream and french fries
-When you and Kristin walked down the street at night with your butts hanging out of your pajama pants
-When we fell asleep waiting for the sun to rise after the pepperwood party
-Kristin became a slut and made out in a car with some dickhead
-Erin kissed that totally hot bodacious babe that we all wanted and we were totally jealous- oh wait, that never happened. My bad.
-You and Sharee repeatedly poked each other and thought that it hurt
-You and Erin made Lake Powell into a musical (only you guys would do that)
-You and Brittany spoke in all your many different accents forever and ever. You are so talented.
-When you chased Tomo down the hall walking like a gorilla and sounding like one, too
-(mexican accent) Hello!
-Violations a, b, c, and d
-Whopen shoparopee topaught opus hopow topoo spopeek opin flopop.
-Your mom. your dad. your grandma. your grandpa. psshh.
-chka chka pst pst *click* *kiss* ah, *click* ah *click* ah *click* *kiss* ah.
-psst gotta getcha *click* *kiss* ah
-Last Sunday (nov. 24) when we all hung out at Kristin's house and were totally drugged up on crack-cocaine.

Thanks Ashely C. for this fun e-mail, I will cherish it forever:)