Monday, January 11, 2010

Satch's Snowboard Competion

This holiday season is especially busy for Daryl and I. My company Satch throws a competion every year called, PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND JIB IT. The event is alot of fun, but man its alot of work. Daryl and I made bandana's for the registration kids. My mom (thank you so much) helped cut and sew them together. We also needed to make hoodies for the winners as well. It was a lot of work but so worth it. We had about 60-70 kids sign up. I was also glad that the weather worked with us this year. It was nice and sunny. I'm glad we have friends to help us out and make this event happen. I get more and more excited to get my companies name out! I'm working on the website so I will have to post it as soon as its up. I apologize for the pictures, there are alot, but I couldn't stop adding because of all the awesome faces and the awesome tricks. ENJOY!

I was pleased to see we had photographers from other companies...YEAY

The two boy's are the skier Judges, and Mckenzie helped me with registration and putting the prizes together in baggies.

Daryl did the announcing through out the day. He helped keep the kids pumped.

This is our team rider Dallin, This kid kills it! (Kills it, in snowboarding term means he is AMAZING)Team rider: Dallin
Always fun to throw out shwag (Shwag: free gifts)
Overall Girl Winner: Vicoria Ashley, Overall Snowboarder Winner: Brandon Hoebush, Overall Skier: Walter Shearon