Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was way fun! Daryl got off work early and let me go snowboarding for acouple of hours before he had to go to the other job. Anyways, it was a beatiful blue bird. So much fun. When I got home I got my kids ready and Hailey came and picked us up and had a good day at grandma's house. Zennyth and Taylor had so much fun playing in the back yard with all that Sandy, Ut. Sand. Hailey and I played a little bit of soccer. We practiced our juggling skills. As for working out, you ready for this....when the day got cooler we had a long, long, long, jog. It was about a 5 mile jog. I had to stop a couple of times to re-couperate my aching body from boot camp yesterday. Other than that Hailey and I did that jog! YES, I got to add on 7 points again! I LOVE FOOD! So I did awesome today. It was crazy, from all that hard workout from yesterday and eating well, I didn't crave the food as bad as usual. I'm glad this is going to get easier, I HOPE. Pizza was for dinner and that was a hard thing not to go overboard...(My weakness...CHEESE). My points were on and had a fun filled day! (oh by the way, Zennyth got a good nights sleep, so I'm crossing my fingers for another one of those:D )


  1. Five miles?? Are you kidding? Holy crap. You are amazing. Good for you!! It sounds like a way fun day. After being at work for 8 hours I never have enough energy (or time) to go running or work out. So I guess I'll just get fatter and fatter. Haha.

    Hey- would Daryl be interested in cleaning out our pond for us this spring? How much does he charge? Email me and let me know!!

  2. That is amazing super woman! 5 miles? marathon here you come. Once again, proud! Keep it up and enjoy the sunshine today-Yea!