Monday, March 15, 2010

Today is the day

Well today is the day. The day that I start Weight Watchers for REAL!!! Anytime monday would come around I would tell myself that I'm starting, but by the time lunch time would come around I have already used all of my points and of course dinner time I use ALOT of flexy's. Then I just give up. I know what everyone is thinking, you do not need to loose weight, but I do! I have these pants sitting in my drawer that do not fit at all, and I have these cute swim trunks that I love that just do not fit. I do not have the money to buy new ones and I want to fit in them again. Well I have a dream and my dream is to loose the rest of that baby weight so I can weigh the same as I did before I had children. Another reason why I want to do this is because by the time I want have more kids my body will be in good shape and loosing that baby weight would be easy! I do not have the far to go but who knew loosing 15 pounds was so hard. So today is the DAY! I'm blogging this to make me really do this and accomplish my goal! Thanks to my sister Whittney who say's she's starting today too. So hopefully we can help each other out! I'm going to do my best in posting my points I've used for the end of the day so I can keep better track and not let my self go! SO here I go, Today is the day! I love Weight Watchers because you can eat whatever you want but of course the healthier you eat the more points you have and is alot more feeling than a 4 point chocolate brownie...oh I love them brownies. So wish me luck....summer swimming suite here I come!


  1. i keep trying to do it too!!! but i have said that this time is for real, i'm not doing weight watchers, i'm just trying to make myself work out and what not!!! :) keep me updated! you can do it!

  2. I am the same way and really need to get going with it too. I've got some love handles like nobody's business and I would love to get rid of them! Paul's sister is skinnier now than her or I was in high school and I always thought I'd be like that, not like this. I want to be like her - to teach my kids good habits and to just live a healthier life. Maybe you and me and Whitney should all go in together and really motivate each other. :) Good luck and keep me updated - seriously. Love ya Erin!