Monday, March 15, 2010

Day one

Okay, now that I'm totally motivated and now I'm in it for the gun hoe. Day one wasn't that bad. I would say that dinner was time was pretty hard considering I love to eat til I cannot breathe no more. But I did good. Today I took my cute kids to the park on this nice sunny Utah day. Hoping that it would ware them out. I also brought Zen's little tricycle so we could walk around. He does pretty good. He just needs to grow a little bit more so he can reach his peddles, but I like him the way he is. I don't want him to grow much more. Taylor just enjoyed the sunraise in her stroller and we walked away. When we got home I got ready for the gym and took two classes. I did the ab class which is just a half hour and I did the boot camp after. I LOVE THE BOOT CAMP! The teacher is so cute and works us hard. I also love it cause I got my mom going to the class with me so its fun to work out with her. So since I got a good hour and a half work out today I got to add on 7 points to my weight watchers....and I came out even with my points by the end of the day! So since its normal to loose a pound a week. I'm giving myself 15 weeks since that all I need to loose. So day one has gone by, I felt like I did awesome and thank goodness the eating part gets easier and easier. I just need to train my brain and my body that I don't have to be eating 24/7. I had a good day with the kids. I just hope Zen will sleep tonight. He hasn't been very good at sleeping lately and I'm loosing sleep. Well Day 2 tomorrow...tomorrow... so off to bed I go.


  1. Yay Erin!!! Holy crap, girl- you are quite the motivator. Working out for an hour and a half? That is some serious stuff. You'll lose that weight in no time.

  2. GOOD JOB! way to go! you are awesome... i wish my new hobby was weight watchers, or working out.. instead i decided to sit behind a sewing machine! haha! jk, this is my spring break so i decided to do a project, but after that i think i'll be going to work out more! but way to go!

  3. Good job! You get two lumbs up and 5 golden stars for that valiant effort. I am very impressed. I too loved the beautiful day of sunshine. Too bad my kids have colds and I have to keep a tissue attached to their noses. Doesn't leave a lot of room for freedom. Good luck with the 15 days-you will succeed!